The replacement of a hacked disapeared for being of a differing opinion than who?

Breaking Critical

>>> The New York Times and The Washington Post have been using a term of # AnthropogenicPollution associated with the Australian Climate Change Disaster. Since I am an Asperger's with an "incomplete" education handicap of As.S., I had to Google this 'A' word for:

Examples of Anthropogenic Pollution:

"Man-made sources: Anthropogenic (human-made) pollution is caused due to human activities. Burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, mining, sewage, industrial effluent, pesticides, fertilizers, etc. can cause anthropogenic pollution".

Since I am also a recognized expert in handling HS, or "Horse Sewage", I need to make a statement defending "Mining", which when done PH Neutral discharge ECO style in a rain-forest is perhaps the most important tool available to reverse Climate Change.

>>> According to the "Ninth Circuit Rules Web Scraping is Not Hacking". That is the use of automated tools to grab from web sites for use elsewhere. Something the Obama FCC Rules were concerned about. My answer against "spoofing" is to convert to locked Adobe PDF's so the bastards have to seal the whole piece.

>>> Boeing was in my Apple News feed this morning, with a leaked 737 Max internal memo reading "This airplane is designed by clowns, who in turn are supervised by monkeys". Which is fun by itself; but not when combined with whip around speculation that the substitution of Critical Metals and Rare Earths Elements, were the mysterious case of faulty controls.

Being that a new president of Boeing’s commercial airplanes division told journalists that his company had a successful partnership with a titanium supplier in Russia, and Airbus has a deal where Russia supplies 60% of their titanium needs — clearly, a politically, or competitive (?), motivated nano-contamination may have had something to do with Boeing falling out of the sky in utter disgrace.

>>> Now there is an attempt to exclude the medieval concept of "The Fourth estate" by new press restrictions put in place for the upcoming Senate impeachment trial, that in "real life" is already are in violation of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) rule of law.

The public where The First Estate was the clergy / now religious fundamentalists; and The Second Estate was the nobility / now royal pain in the ass senators exalting a pretender to the crown; the Third Estate was the commoners / who have risen to a 98% status whose collective voice and votes apparently do not matter when it comes to an international Deep Estate taking control over Strategic and Critical Minerals needed to deal with "so-called" Global Warming.


What’s Rare Rocks and Earths got to do with...
International Politics?

***** The splash page above is a replacement for a “”. An Internet presence that just disappeared with a ‘poof’ after a web crawler hack on our server that started several years ago with thousands of denial of service bot bugs, up to 500 per day, crawling while phishing and spoofing from Russia, China, and no surprise, "the Ukraine".

How they, whoever they are, and so what else is new, eventually accomplished a complete crash of a full-rack crypto protected dedicated server, requiring a total systematic replacement, really should be priority number one for the FCC/DOD. If only for other independent web publishers who also cannot afford a floor-full of expensive, hard to find, computer IT protection experts.

Unfortunately, the best to hire are former blackmail hackers who switched sides for bigger bucks and a respectable corporate title. I am not making this up, for once when I was keyboarding as fast as I could to fight back, again and again, one of THEM answered by slowly typing out on my machine, “Stop that Barry!”

Tracking the winners of this follow-the-money Internet war, as best as possible by ping and ponging, to the ‘tell’ connected addresses indicating the source of today’s spam and robocall madness, it appears that the FTC also needs to take a deep look into the one-sided power of mega “flow-through companies” of private placement, anti-trust law violating, “monopolistic cartels” that seem to be leading to an international “deep banking” control of USA natural resources.

And, I apologize in advance for the length of what a 1950-70s freelance"mag-man" (LIFE, Holiday, Chemical Week, Popular Mechanics, Economics Currents) who considers that proper think piece articles needed to fight something serious as a Second Civil Rights War with creative thinking, required at least 5,000 words. I also have learned that in an Information Age which seems to be in decline due to a plethora overload of a "free speech information" delivery system of cute little stand-up "one-liner print advertising headlines" and disinformation politics-as-usual by "viruses spread by 240 character twits".

Sorry, again for being different. As a member of the 'Silent Generation' — born at the end of the Great Depression, known for "Buddy, can you spare a dime", and the Second World War to End all Wars where the breadbasket of the world was reduced to food rationing by points— I was just informed that the correct choice of words should have been "viral" instead of viruses, which sometimes is the truth; and that "tweets" really wasn't a synonym for the English curse of "flaming twits".

My point, as the publisher of since the business as usual late 1900's, I know by experience that to sell a real gold mine by broadcasting on the Internet takes "real information" to go past right past fake "breaking news" barricades on the Information Highway leading to a declining population of the hamlet of Due Diligence. Looking for a differing opinion, or an so much shorter artical than a 10,000 words mini-book take an off-ramp via acceptable banner ad favoring those who really offered professional, quick, on point, advice.

***** So, Dear Reader, as print publishers hopefully like to think of as a 'partnership', if you don't have time for anything but an oral elevator pitch, or have developed a taste for political ad/pap tap-dancing delivered gruel, take the convenient way out by clicking on our third party, on point, banner ads.

In post hack formatting we have also gone to "Sidebar" self-contained PDF's, and Linkedin style editorial mentions, as directing you through to fact-checking sources. Since I have touched upon the mystery of "Being Caught In The Web", a December 23, 2019, Christmas present was a proper full-length article printed in Bloomberg Businessweek Magazine. Where journalist Kit Chellel and contributors helped me understand the mission statement differences between black and white hat political hacking and the gray hat chaos for profit. My gift back for salvaging of a very established Business Week Magazine, that has reintroduced the art form of a full size 'Campbell Soup' advertising page, is an investigative journalist's head's up that the following article may suggest something to do with expanding the taboo words today of, "The Conflicts of Collusion."

Question: Is there an International Deep State Rare Earths Oligarchy working against US? 
A full-length magazine article examining Climate Change Ice to fire answers.

***** I am returning on-line with this new National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act
explanatory website with a focus, as previously voiced upon on, as I am an independent “prudent miner” with 64-years experience. I have a personal background concern over a Trump administration upgrade from Strategic to a Critical Minerals List published on February 16, 2018, which reads well on paper but, has in between words conundrum consequences with the adding “Aluminum”, and “Rare Earths” that have become import tariff items of conflict between mine milling machinery and finished product.

Understand that 'Aluminum' arrives in this country as Bauxite which is then refined into Alumina, or the Al2O3 / SiO2 found in Nepheline Syenite, or the "Alumina-Silicates" form clear-listed for mining development by CFR USDA 228.42. During another Strategic War, the USSR used it's largest in the world Nepheline Syenite deposit to produce Aluminum to build the Yakovlev Yak fighter which was an ace for shooting down so many of the famous German 109. Today all that is showing up as Russian, as reported by our underfunded USGS, seems to be totally shoved out of the picture by China.

Being that even though America's Bauxite supply is small, thank goodness we do have a recognized backup of Rare Rock Nepheline Syenite, which would be far better used as FoamKrete™ to build out ECO-Housing-America villages committed to reducing greenhouse gas pollution What is harder to substitute is a domestic supply of Rare Earths for Industrial/Military Defense use which China is not, quite rightly, not willing to share during an era of insane, out of control, saber-rattlling.

Why does the "red" column of Strategic and Critical  Mineral production totally outweigh the blue?

***** While speaking about intertwining Strategic Defense and red patriotism, or blue defense, might I suggest my family’s ironic service record goes back to four Celtic great-something Battle of Culloden grandfathers getting their own back at redcoats in the total Revolutionary War victories of King’s Mountain, and Cowpens, in the Carolinas, when they weren’t out prospecting for gold?

Besides the Over-Mountain Men fighting for a genetic Scottish sense of Freedom, and a gold show, they accidentally conquered an alkali feldspar deposit for the fledgling United States of America, which had no idea of the critical worth. Obviously. We, patriots all, held the ground until the international Unimin Corporation, a Belgium family-owned company, who claims to have a European patent on Nepheline Syenite (a natural chemical mix by Creator) dumped their Canadian Nepheline Syenite, from Ontario, Canada. Which bankrupt a small US-owned quarry on Kings Mountain; now replaced by a pretend American enterprise. And yes, I have already defended my source of background information by laughing at a roomful of Unimin lawyers that attacked a left-out flank with a vicious conference call.

Who won the Revolutionary War Kings Mountain final battle over Feldspathic minerals? Wait. It gets even more bizarrely important from my Celtic Genetic 'Outlander' family memories. Of the four, one of those formerly of Scotland transported ancestors was a great grandfather MacAdam, a clan better known for inventing the asphalt-covered macadam road. And, about the time Napoleon had introduced hard to refine before electricity, Aluminum dinner plates to the dictators nouveau riche table for being more costly than gold, a descendant of a frugal and moral John Knox of the Church of Scotland, as well as a Tennessean cousin to Continental General Henry Knox who became Washington's first Secretary of War, and cousin to my cousin President James Knox Polk, who made the frontier freedom of Oregon, happen. This Knox leadership which helped shaped the democratic form of government we call ours was diverted for a while through a fascination of the presence of Bauxite in what is now Knox County, Georgia; to the point of bankruptcy where a great something Grandfather's Murray's life was spent paying off honorable family debts.

***** This pass-along "genetic memory" for mining continued along by being part of a bauxite boom, three gold rushes, two silver prospects, and an illegal diamond fortune on the wild coast of South Africa. My noted appellate brief writing mining lawyer father, a very Scottish ancestral and frugal Laird (a feudal Baron) as he was part of three prominent patented mining properties.

My escape from the destined path of 'following the law' by being an office boy, as Asperger's Ben Franklin, a printer, was earning his way through grade school by learning how to operate a Multilith offset duplicator where I printed geological reports that often contained my "professional" photographs. Just as a few years later, as the printing publisher VP member of the Western Mining Congress which only survives today as an under-promoted today for not having enough promising properties to list on the website.

My destiny took a magazine media turn when at 14-years when I accidentally sold a BxW 8x10 photograph of an elk in velvet, sent between two pieces of cardboard, in a standard #10 with a self-addressed #9 manila postage attached envelope for return with a boilerplate rejection letter. Except that I was sent a check, and a tear sheet that had my rather long accompanying caption (lightly hinged taped on the back of the photo so it folded out) had been almost run word by word because I had not typed a ©?

This bit of premature success led to my education as a prospector for the fun of it by accompanying some very impressive Ph. D.'s into the field to make their geological fieldwork readable, and to assist by helping measure photographic ore by stadia rod and transit. And, as an insider, my being tipped that some Association Claims holding Nepheline Syenite had been let go by the death of a few principles (as the Mayor of Newport, who liked talking to a precocious office boy with bow tie, about his mountain) just as the corps of Engineers were advertising for bids on the extension of what was a Nepheline jettyWhich "Outlander" style had a Culloden highlander deported to the American colonies this time taking up a position on the high moral ground of rare Feldspathic rocks.

How it played out. My young geologist/lawyer staking partner the first time around happened to be hired by the BLM in Washington, D.C. as a permit examiner and was forced to completely divest any conflicts. This was how I went a few times around with new claims added to the block to end up the sole holder of the largest US Nepheline Syenite (Aluminum, Roman Fly Ash, Rare Earths) quarry suited for Russian Geopolymer Cement. Arkansas has a glass grade deposit, and New Mexico has a smaller cement grade — both owned and mined by an ECO and Lazies Fair-minded, 3M, noted for their “right stuff’ innovation.

And, surprisingly, North Carolina’s Kings Mountain Feldsite sequence now taken over by foreign worldwide control, included open clay pits, and a shaft used to extract manganese when that was economically possible. Current interest is focused on a Pegmatite dike that contains valuable Lithium reserves. Plus volcanic metal conglomerate Rare Earths as Bikitait ( (Al2O3 26.68% — SiO2 55.79%), and a Eucryptite even more similar to Table Mountian’s Alumina Silicate, which 18 % Al2O3, 58% SiO2, with a touch of Titanium needed for a super strength cement.

The new Critical Minerals Act also addresses fast-tracking the mine permitting process. Provided you wear a red ball cap. Which somehow ranks over the truth of the matter of my blue USAF/SAC Intel (one step above Top Secret) veterans hero hat displaying a ribbon for being awarded a second Outstanding Unit medal, acknowledged by a bronze star cluster? Which only means I totally understand the Strategic and Critical consequences of even threatening a small nuclear war. This, from my USAF knowledge of compiling nuclear code B-47 attack plans (obsolete) books locked in a Dr. Strangelove failsafe safe. Since then I have publicly have been a journalist critical of a potential nuclear war 'Stupidcide' winter. Something that also has cost me advertising revenue?

And, given that we seem to be in engaged in an un-Civil War II, contributing to the hubris of a Trade War, circa Boston Tea Party-style, involving 'dumping', which could result in a Global Warming Science Disbeliever Winter, the focus of Rare Rocks / Rare Earths development really should be focused on helping the economics of World Wide Climate Change survivors filling their basic needs for shelter.

Red hats on the Left? Blue hats far Right? What matters is that ECO FoamKrete™ is a Scientific Breakthrough for middle-class American housing.

The new Trump Administration Critical Minerals List also addresses fast-tracking the mine permitting process. Provided your red ball cap (or is that spelled 'bawl' ) passes along the naked fear MAGA statement. Under this bill, initially proposed before the Trump administration supposedly drained the swamp ( but only added crocodiles to attack alligators ) small businesses that provide minerals vital to job creation, energy infrastructure, American economic competitiveness, and national security must be considered to be "infrastructure projects" as described in Obama's Executive Order 13604, entitled "Improving Performance of Federal Permitting and Review of Infrastructure Projects”. Both orders directed federal agencies to "significantly reduce the time required to make permitting and review decisions on infrastructure projects".

And, both administrations had been directed that "the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) or the Forest Service (USFS) shall appoint a project lead for the mine permitting process to coordinate with other agencies to ensure that the agencies: minimize delays, set and adhere to time lines for completion of the permitting process, set clear permitting goals, and track progress against goals. Projects on National Forest System land shall also be exempt from regulations that prohibit timber tree cutting and road construction in areas without roads".

Neither tree cutting or construction of roads was of real concern in my properly filed Plan of Operations— which was going underground as Unimin has done in their very large Nepheline Syenite deposit in Norway — to save the forest on top, resolving Oregon treehuggers concerns about expanding the already grandfathered in open pit which would turn a scenic icon on the Newport, Oregon skyline, eventually, into the world's largest by "sanitary landfill". By the Federal Government's own CFR rule of law, my plan should of had a formal "yes", "no", "maybe if" reply by registered mail by October 23, 2018. Instead, it was surprisingly ignored. For being too Green?

What was really interesting —the new critical list consisted of many minerals I have hands-on experience in the field, as highlighted with boldface : Aluminum, Antimony, Arsenic, Barite, Beryllium, Bismuth, Cesium, Chromium, Cobalt, Fluorspar, Gallium, Germanium, Graphite, Hafnium, Helium, Indium, Lithium, Magnesium, Manganese, Niobium, Platinum Group Metals, Potash --whew, take a breath-- the Rare Earth Elements (REES) Group, Rhenium, Rubidium, Scandium, Strontium, Tantalum, Tellurium, Tin, Titanium, Tungsten, Uranium, Vanadium, and Zirconium.

Sounds as if this mouthful belongs in a Gilbert and Sullivan operetta? I find the list something a PAC Pleasing Politician would designate in a list supporting his biggest donors— which just happen to be at this time happen to be the biggest multi competitors in the Wild World of control of Nanotech.

For example aluminum is a metal processed out of bauxite ore; and in Russia from a CFR clear-listed Alumina Metallic Silicate Nepheline Syenite containing rare earths that are so unique, to the point of my using Table Mountain, Oregon material to develop what I have been calling ECO-Foam-Krete™ Geopolymer Cement, just as Russia has been doing with one of their peralkaline Nepheline Syenite deposits. 

Anything but a “common variety” as suggested by a science challenged Trump administration USDA/USFS Waldport, Oregon District Ranger, who has “ghosted” my 65+ page USFS 2008-5 Mining Plan of Operations or Click the Cover) to take an existing Green quarry underground for ECO conservation and economic reasons, by simply not replying to this registered document delivered. Warning: if you think I am overly wordy this Biz Plan is now 72+ plus pages, leading to dull citations, is in a slow-loading PDF, that does contain the shorter geological reports listed individually below.

So how is it that, this very ECO Green needed Climate Change firewall, well past the mandated CFR waiting period for approval, I received an unregistered private letter “pissing match” opinion on Christmas Eve, that suggested my USDA/USFS claims should be confiscated for not being economic; and really should be put up for a common variety claim jumping lease??? Sorry, mam-m-m, to ruffle your feathers, but that isn't how the Code of the West works. Jumping a prudent man's livelihood used to be right up there with stealing his horse!

I was honor-bound not to disclose this possible, but impossible according to rule of law, confusing behind the scenes hick-up to a former Communist party boss Chairman of the Board, who correctly understood a shady politically sensitive story, behind the story, and withdrew.

This after visiting doing his own due diligence visit, himself, after accessing the USGS paper on Table Mountain; the State of Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries both listed a U.S. Geological Survey suggested USFS 2008-5 Plan of Operation; Minerals Supply and Demand Open-File Report 02-418; a Feasibility Study by RIA Mines, Inc; and a RARL Applied Research Proposal; and the Villaasenor Nepheline-Geo-Report. And other smaller government documentattion invididually as 1) USGSstandardsreport.pdf 2) ORstate.PDF.

A real pity as I had enjoyed this international businessman willing to fund $5 Million, USD, to get ECO-Mining-Milling up and running with Chinese equipment—now subject to an excessive tariff unless trans-shipped through Taiwan?— no longer manufactured in the US by Portland's Oregon's Wagner Mining Equipment that also disappeared with a "giant sucking sound" as warned by presidential candidate Ross Perot.

***** I had thought we were headed to becoming a friendly neighbor and partner
as experienced during WW2 when the enemy was clearly Imperial Japan.
Perhaps this joint venture might have put me in a misinterpreted hot seat as clearly a Global Warming / Climate Change war knows no political boundaries.

My 1900’s business-as-usual neighbors on a small "school section" part of the “Nepheline Sill” are the Koch Brother’s Georgia Pacific / Weyerhauser quarry operating on “road rock” that did not come with mineral rights. I also own the apex claims with underground access on their school section private property. So, take a guess, tell me who would be first in line, and have enough money, to bid on a lease for their private chemical, minerals, mining, insulation, fertilizer, and energy companies use? 

As mining claims are “real property”, instead of fee simple real estate, where the title can be protected by insurance companies, I have been paying $5,000 per year, for 20 years to the Department of the Interior what many consider a rental fee, or "tax". 

The strategy of on the mountain confrontations must have been based upon the simple truth that, miss the annual date by one day [sidebar: ECO-Minerals-Stockpile] and you are evicted. At this writing I am current with the BLM payment of $5000 for holding the title of Locatable Minerals; and the State of Oregon annual $3,200 mining assessment work requirements. Which is why I already posted last year's required receipts. 

The out of state Koch SuperPacs' and Georgia Pacific timber / Weyehauser logging seem to want to control Oregon's politics over Climate Change matters. And, contributions to Republican Senators, as the Perdue family when Sonny was the Governor of Georgia. 'Sonny' Perdue was known as perhaps having a personal public relations tax problem concerning a hunting cabin "surrounded" by a neighboring Weyerhauser, before he was appointed Secretary of Agriculture / US Forest Service Director.  

Does this mean I need to change a longtime family independent party forced allegiance dating back to a 16-year-old Great Grandfather who was 'drafted' as a dispatch rider for Confederate Cavalryman Nathan Bedford Forrest, or just wait until 2020 when Wonder Woman Warren makes another Native American bloodline inspired leap onto the runaway horses of a Wells Fargo stagecoach to bring it back into control? Did I mention that another DNA marker goes back to the "Red Murray's" in an incomplete tribal database, directly to the sister of another Pocahontas?

Given the time-wasting of suing "the King', should I simply file a case on the USFS District Ranger for individually exceeding her office regulations, as Oregon is still protecting it’s “Pioneer Miners Rights” with a 2017 Oregon Revised Statute 517.133¹ which relates to “Interfering with a legitimate mining operation”.

Holding off a court action on something that would need ECO magic supporters to make happen, when the whole point is mote anyhow thanks to Trump's Executive Order concerning the whole point of this website, except for access to the East Quarry on an established FS spur logging road, leading to a microwave tower supplied by a buried electric feed, which has been papered lately as no trespassing by a tax-advantaged Weyerhauser Tree Farm (which I do feel is a oxygen-rich Greenhouse Gas fighter) an USFS commercial use hauling license on a "common variety" Nepheline Syenite road. Thank you, der Führer, for your fast track leadership with the Critical Minerals list.

to be important when assiciated with photovoltaic minerals.

***** Meanwhile — thank you Stephen Cobair— a Russian company has been making news
as a supplier of a Roman grade pozzolana geopolymer Nepheline Syenite cement, and an unknown activator (I think I know what it is), used to 3D print affordable housing in Texas. This without attention to rusting re-bar building codes of other states, which lately have been tardy for recognizing that steel has been identified as leading to the early aging of Portland cement concrete

Russia’s huge, world's largest, glass and ceramics, and Roman cement grade Nepheline deposits have been used to replace rare Platinum Group Metals in catalytic converters. Now they are changing how ‘R’ values are measured in conventional housing construction using a Rare Rock, where the sale of a byproduct of Rare Earths.

So why were the Rare Earths companions to Tantalum not so easily determined in the critical minerals list? As Group 3 elements Yitruim, and Lanthnum; and Columbite, the ore mostly found in mineable quantities in the Congo, Nigeria, Venezuela; and in the Boise Basin, Idaho, monzonites. Perhaps Table Mountain, Oregon will continue to be ignored if not needed to make a peralkaline Nepheline Syenite chemical composition into a super-strong nanotech concrete? Not as long as I can fight back as Native Alaskan style "Man with a Plan".

It is also curious that Uranium was added to the list. Again something I understood from having been on the "Great Uranium Rush to Moab Utah in '55"; and following with an atomic clearance punched out on my USAF Strategic Air Command security badge.

My sense of the 'outdated and over-stockpiled' chemical element may have had something to do with Senator Kerr (“ king of the senate”) lawsuits concerning still unexplained lawsuits concerning Navajo mining rights; and the whatever Meryl Streep was trying to tell us in the movie about Karen Silkwood, who died in 1974 shortly after bringing national attention to the hazards of working at a Senator Kerr-McGee nuclear facility. Wikipedia has commented that the real danger, besides a nuclear explosion, is inhaled insoluble uranium compounds.

One can only hope that after Kerr-McGee bought the American Potash and Chemical Company, which owned the Rare Earths Facility in West Chicago, Illinois, they had learned a lesson in worker safety. And, that the public becomes informed of the dangers of allowing flow-through companies acquiring too much power controlling Rare Earths minerals, with of out of range PH balance consumer products they may have invented. 

Exactly as worried about in the Strategic and Critical Materials Stockpiling Revision Act of 1979 (Public Law 96-41). As updated by a Congressional Budget Office Study in August 1983.

“The supply factor concerns include: 
• The potential for a price-setting monopoly in the production or refining of the metal

• The possibility for interruptions in the supply of the metal because of political instability or logistical difficulty; 
• The potential for obtaining alternative supplies during any supply disruption; and 
• The availability of stocks (such as the platinum found in jewelry or the lead in automobile batteries) that could be recycled in an emergency.”

... take a deaper look into how many forms of Si need to be identified today.

***** How do I present myself as being more knowledgeable about where to actually find REEs
than, Wall Street Investment Industry specialists? 
How about 64 years of field experience identified "mineral materials" that happen to be the ore for processing into metals under the U.S. Mining Law of 1872 CFR qualifications. where it takes a lot of time climbing mountains to bang away with a rock hammer collecting samples.

Especially important when dealing with alkali feldspar syenite rocks, which have an elementary chemical composition of, say, the Si Silicon "ordinary beach sands used for decorative landscaping purposes", now being recognized for a critical difference when bundled with an increasingly growing list of important Rare Earths Elements which are showing up in so many exciting nanotech products. What is also confusing is the half-truth that Rare Earths themselves or not rare, in again say, beach sands,, Think Instead of traces of Rare Elements, in a useable concentration. A few years ago there was a sophisticated financial market presentation selling stock in a-Si answer to low-cost energy, without their scientists understanding that location, location, location on that beachfront property had a lot to do with being critical.

This is why I am passing along, as advertised by a Breaking News on the Outsider Club newsletter of November 24th, 2019: 

“Rare earth metals are at the core of every major technology today. Smart-phones, laptops, wind turbines, electric cars, and medical devices — you name it. They're also widely used in defense technology like jets and guided missile systems. Problem is, China has monopolized the supply. That imbalance has driven prices higher. But sadly, there are few ways for United States investors to take advantage. So, how can you get your hands on these must-own metals?

You just need to sign up for our free report “How to Invest in Rare Earth Metals and Profit” to find out.”

My only problem with sharing their market confidence, without charging a linked sidebar fee, is our small business supply side of Mac&Murray’s has been working with Rare Earths stories for some time. We probably should have access their promised free report to try to work out who, why, from where and how this demand could be met? Not counting my Rare Rock /Rare Earths Elements find I think I have the two possible USA answers. One is in Texas which has just completed a joint venture contract with an Australian partner. The other is a mountain in Alaska where I used to calibrate hovering helicopter-mounted detection instruments for mapping on a topographic map, elsewhere —now also in a Wilderness Area.

Our last post on the URL had been a comment supporting a Leslie Stahl story, wondering why the bankruptcy of America's principal supply of Rare Earths, from Union Carbide’s Mountain Pass, California, “that made no sense”

One reviewer reported that segment where the formal title was an interrogatory: “Modern Life’s Devices Under China’s Grip?” Its tone, however, was declarative, in a sinister way. “One country,” Stahl warned, “has a virtual monopoly — roughly 90 percent — of the mining, refining, and processing of Rare Earths: China.” And: “The U.S. developed this technology, but China bought most of it right out from under us.” And, most gravely: “We are dependent on China for our weaponry.”

I had followed that report on the URL which mysteriously disappeared with my “letter to the editor” style comments based upon "boots on the ground training".

1) Having had a “rare earth” educational experience in Albany, Oregon, visiting the U.S. Bureau of Mines, and the neighboring Wah Chang Corporation on the same day, with samples of Idaho Columbine-Tantalite for a client, I find it rather suspicious that after President Clintons “Chinagate” lobbying scandal, and his declaration of a very sneaky war against independent prospectors, wildcatter's, and gyppo loggers in the West, that Congress fired, for “runaway costs savings”, 1,000 employees of the Bureau of Mines, an 85-year old institution known for new and emerging science and technology in the minerals field.”

This first experience with Rare Earths came about by my contracting to properly stake a group of claims by establishing a valid discovery of the Miller Mountaintop residual gold samples, verified by atomic absorption spectrometer, pan amalgamation, field color metrics, etc., from a decomposed granodiorite plutonic igneous rock. Which, surprise, also had a “Pegmatite” dike kicking Rare Earths “black nuggets”

I have always hired well-paid geological students, or partnered with them, for crews on summertime projects. One had been a partner on gold shows in Alaska, California, Nevada, before he graduated and was hired by very reputable corporation to eventually run a very large base metal property in Chile. Geologist Todd and I had been a little worried about the big picture of following the Boise to Butte trend, north, until running into Amaco geologists [Standard Oil Company of Indiana] headed south.

is usually found within a certain distance of an intrusive.

***** One of my quirky tricks in understanding structure has been the gift of reading a topograpic map and having the 40', or 100" countour lines pop-out into forms aviable today by computerized 3D rendering. Which is why I had been contracted for a season of flying Southeast Alaska in the rear seat of a helecopter, with an equally quircky pilot, while navigating a course around a mountain while marking known points with the readings of three "sniffer" reading insturments. I mention this that one of our calibrating stations was to "mineral tresspass" on the Bokan Mountain Uranium Mine, where nobody seemed to understand what was really there until Rare Earth One (REO) applied for, and was granted an exploration permit a in 2007 the US Forest Service.

The equally quricky client, a former Army Surpless store counter kid who spent his lunch hour at the nearby BLM offices looking to speculate on 5¢ per acre oil leases in wild unknown places as Purdoe Bay. His fun was playing with new electronic toys, and this is how I got to laise with Raetheon eingeerers trying to adapt a ships navagation system into an airborne module. Problem was that the helicopter was required to hover at higher altitudes to mark a point. Which is ironic that the Rare Earths we wern't looking for, made the accuracy of today's GPS systems fiesable. Read the full querky adventure in my upcoming "TheProsoector" book.

Anyhow, back towork on Miller Mountain for a couple of days visiting Albany where I also had contact with a Titanium [Rutile ore] researcher in the Albany high tech business park. I visited a former acquaintance for his opinion. He was nicknamed “Smoky” for having had too many hands-on experiments explode on him. Through him, I tried to help my Mining Law of 1872 claim staking client, by acting like as no finder-fee agreement broker, to pass along what I thought was a reasonable offer for his group of small corporations. 

It was turned down, cold, as all the investors wanted $2 million each as a ‘promised’ ROI for their $2,000 gamble. This attitude eventually led to my being called as a witness to a Grand Jury investigation of Miller Mountain project, part of the Bear Valley Uranium complex, a future super-fund site supposedly a small business set aside, gold and all, that went to a major contractor. The claims, of course, were found valid; but the operator went to prison for raising money, thanks to their lawyer who had been Attorney General of Idaho who had advised over-staking the Association Claims, with a number of small corporations that used wire and mail fraud sums of money received diverted from the stated use of proceeds for development. This learned experience is recognizable in all the flow-through plans for my FoamKrete™.

A 1952 act of Congress was supposedly designed to extend mail fraud prohibitions to cover newer communications technologies. The case law following from a Supreme Court held that honest services, such as my outside contracting to stake mining claims that had a geologically valid discovery, did not constitute a fraud. But, that might not be a defense for today’s practice of selling too good to be true stock by spam mail wired PR release, or thinly disguised financial TV infomercials, or even by FCC sanctioned robocalls.

As I happen to be working on my “TheProspector” the book, memories chapter on this SDA/JBS, John Birch Society supporting a Army-McCarthyism (synonymous with the practice of publicizing accusations of treason and disloyalty with insufficient evidence) Idaho fundamentalists Four G’s group [God, Guns, Guts, Gold) analysis that first appeared in my magazine (still offline after the hack) where I gave the Lat/Long, and the location of the Idaho City, Boise County Courthouse that has Barry Murray as a search-able agent locator of said claims that had been “let go.” Professionally I have always rejected the dangerous practice of appearing to “jump claims” by coming back to re-file in anything close to a resembling “pump and dump” stock transition.

2) Through my personal experience of prospecting, about the same time, on my own for REEs, Titanium, and gold in the alluvium placers of the Wilderness Primitive Areas of middle Idaho, as evaluated for mineral potential in the Geological Survey Bulletin 1304. There was a 20-year window before the River of No Return Road-less area was designated the Senator Frank Church Wilderness which would have outlawed any combustion engine assisted placer mining

The fun part of the very through study was that sample data listed gold values content used to patent fly-in (when it was still possible) fishing and hunting camps, was evaluated at the official $35 per ounce at the time of publication; which had reached $200 per ounce after Nixon stupidly took us off a gold and silver standard

Thanks to this bulletin I was able to stake as a Mining Law of 1872 “Prudent Man” claim on Big Creek of small particles of Gold that would have paid wages mining by hand and an adjoining hillside alluvial fan with Ilmenite black sands that ran 7-9 pounds of Titanium per cubic yard.

This meant it would have been a low impact economically feasible operating plan to use summertime horse pack strings to reach FWD pickup trucks at the trail-head. A plan of action never tested real-time as just before the staking deadline, the USFS withdrew my surface rights on account of that was exactly where the government planned to build a vital to the economy hydroelectric dam

Having been on the sidelines of an actual confiscation of gold claims out of Weaverville, California that cost 20-years in legal fees before the principles gave-up by dying, I just shut up and moved on. Sadly what was also left behind, locked-up forever, according to the hard to download Bulletin was “the potential resource of 95,000 tons containing 7.2 pounds rare-earth metals per ton.” 

3) What brought me back to “Rare Rocks and Earths” eyes-right attention on another 60 Minutes broadcast, Nov 17, 2019, by Bill Whitaker, which again ended with a, “Makes No Sense”! 

His question and commentary: “Why the U.S. is missing out on the race to mine trillions of dollars worth of metals from the ocean floor Rare earth elements and metals used in cell phones, supercomputers and more are sitting on the ocean floor, ready to be mined by multiple countries. So why is the U.S. on the sidelines?

He went on following a real reporters hunch by gathering testimony: “So we called the 22 senators opposed to the treaty, all Republicans, to ask why. 

None would appear on camera. Those who wrote us said that ceding any control to the United Nations was a deal-breaker. But retired Rear Admiral White who now runs a non-profit to protect oceans worries if the U.S. doesn't ratify the Law of the Sea, it will soon be too late.

Bill Whitaker: And if we don't? What does that mean for us?
Jonathan White: I think it means that, again, we become more isolated, especially in terms of a growing global economy.
Bill Whitaker: And we're dependent on China?
Jonathan White: And absolutely more dependent on China.
Bill Whitaker: So what sense does that make?
Jonathan White: It makes no sense.

A much more logical point to make about undersea mining of Rare Rocks / Rare Earths is to understand that a 1968 Geological Survey Professional Paper 612 concerning the Geochemistry of Niobium and Tantalum found in deep sea manganese nodules has also been ignored. After watching 60-Minutes get it right, again, I pulled this out of my 1980s Miller Mountain file drawer to make the connection, in a different way, that my Table Mountain really was not a "common variety material" And, by reading elsewhere that the Russian Nepheline was processed in such a way that they could sell a Rare Earths "byproduct".

What I don't know — that makes sense — is how Elements, also used to process 'pure metals', when chemically acting, and reacting together, are the building block of all life. This means when the same oxygen dinosaurs breathed in and out, when morphing into a composite source of Global Climate Change oxygen, including the Strontium 90 from Chernobyl, which is endangering all life dependent on an unnatural quality of air. Do you question that? Wait a moment for a reply —after I catch my breath by using a rescue inhaler.

What really makes no sense are the self-interest groups —as Big Oil and Big Coal Energy— opposing any control of greenhouse gases, breathed in by all —board members or bums. As the "all taxpayers" of different forms of governments, where some in charge of the counting houses, seem to have been contaminated with a mutant Neanderthal gene, are spending so much money campaigning for their national defense use of natural resources. Instead, put these tax dollars to work in peacful Climate Defense infrastructures designed to withstand geological movement, and jet stream shifting of the 71 percent ocean coverage, which according to Aqua Facts - Oceanic Institute suggests we will eventually be down to 99 percent of living space on the planet.

Doubt that Voting Citizens of Misinformed, who panned Mariner Kevin Costner's 1995 Waterworld, and ridicule Grete Thunberg, a fellow high functioning Asperger's innocent under-age maiden, who set out sail by pollution power alone, across an endangered threatening sea, carrying a Global Warning message that the "stop the world timepiece" has been clicking 60-Minute style since the start of the Industrial Age; and World Wars spreading giant uncontrolled oil spills across both hemispheres; while heading into an Information Age where somehow 240 characters Tweets, without any referenced documentation, have momentarily overshadowed the power of the written word.

***** Strange, isn't it that the country that won the sputnik challenge by taking it all the way to the moon may now be losing the race to this new frontier – and "the untold riches of the deep". 
Where the "new gold is gray".

Especially now, in such a critical place-in-time when Russia / Pakistan / Egypt / Iran and China are so far ahead of us in putting critical minerals to work.  Especially, China using hydraulic Roman-style cement in such things build a high altitude pylon railway, and crossing Alaska style melting permafrost, to Tibet. It is interesting to note that their Zhijinghe River bridge, the world's highest roadway arch (with a 1,411-foot deck 965 feet above the gorge) was constructed of “multiple contiguous” steel tubes that were strengthened by pumping from the bottom up a specially designed Rare Earths concrete.

It has also been leaked that possibly Iran, which has a very similar Nepheline Syenite as Oregon’s Table Mountain, has been storing nuclear waste in SiO2/Al2O3 containers reported to have a unique ability to “repair” itself in a way similar to a Detroit designed 1948 self-sealing tire. Iran also has a nepheline cement mix-and-pump machine I would like to at least try if and when normal trade relations overcome the restriction of an oil embargo.

All of which leads me to ask, “What is really going on behind locked conference room doors when it comes to corporate/deep state secretly free trading away of what is left of the U.S. Mining Industry? Without voting public knowledge whatsoever?

Or keeping the special interest investment "buy the ton" awareness hidden behind a smokescreen of the USFS District Rangers private opinion that "From what can be gathered from your proposal, the material you are interested in is a common variety under Forest Service regulations and is subjected to disposal under 36 CFR 228 Subpart C. Meaning that a Koch Industries controlled Georgia Pacific / Weyerhauser neighboring Nepheline Syenite quarry, even though their small portion of the geologic structure was was sold as a land grant school section, which did not come with mineral rights below the surface, and most likely would be the first to bid if my Mining Law of 1872 claims were forced by legal claim jumping into a common variety lease.

This opinion was a tricky hard to decipher bluff in that "The Forest Service recognizes that you may have identified what you believe are special or unique values and/or uses for the material. However, because this proposal addresses mineral materials, the Forest Service cannot evaluate your proposal under the U.S. mining laws or locatable mineral authorities at 36 CFR 228 Subpart A." The confusion here is that the correct CFR to quote clearly lists "Alimino-silicate" as being clear-listed.

I was even quoted McClarty v. Secretary of Interior, 408 F.2d 908 (9th Cir. 1969), which again is ironic in that my mining attorney father, who was well known for his briefs before the "9th. cir", worked as a consultant, on something that helped define case law guidelines which "Are as follows: (I) there must be a comparison of the mineral deposit in question with other deposits of such minerals generally; (2) the mineral deposit in question must have a unique property; (3) the unique property must give the deposit a distinct and special value; ( 4) if the special value is for uses to which ordinary varieties of the mineral are put, the deposit must have some distinct and special value for such use; and (5) the distinct and special value must be reflected by the higher price which the material commands in the market place". So USDA/USFS Secretary Sonny Purdue is this perhaps a joke similar to telling loyal Midwest farmers complaining about the Chinese tariffs they belonged in a "whine cellar.?

Potential 2020 foresight voters, help me work out U.S. Mining Law mineral materials values exceeding common varieties to recognize my unique Rare Rock and Rare Earths as least having a base price special value of $10 per mine-able ton. This would mean that a proven 250 million underground ton, ready to mine special value deposit, where the raw value would calculates out to be $250,000,000 x 10, or as I even have a hard time believing that 2.5 Billion US$ before the recently proven (MIT) use of trace Titanium, and some still unexplained rare earths, have contributed to the strengthening of a super cement that does not require re-bar.

Definitely not a "you believe as special or unique values and/or uses for the material" that absolutely must be mined and ground down to match the FOB price out of China. A product that also is subject to an illogical tariff on both the finished product, and the unique machinery they have developed from what used to be a defunct Oregon mining machinery supplier.

***** Another Catch-22 "whatever"
, is when it comes to Canada already having a Rare Earths associated advantage with their Ontario Unimim Nepheline and Rare Earths deposit, being in the lead of the idea of selective destruction of unknown sea beds. 

Until the ECO science concerning Rare Metals /Rare Earths is validated, we seem to be depending on a Viking maiden, Grete Thunberg, in a hat with horns riding the waves of a long ship’s bow belting out her Wagnerian Twilight of the Gods Götterdämmerung UNiversal chorus of, #ShameShameShame, until a better way of dividing our shared Earth's resources than by going to an energy war over what are really only boundaries of a shrinking world drawn on waterproof paper by feeble-minded diplomats. 

The unknown factors that keep popping up wich has delayed this web launch until a symbolic responding one year later to a science challenged District Forest Ranger blocking ECO progress, is that recent finds in university-level white papers have been pushing up the value of a Rare Rock / Rare Earths Nepheline Syenite market values in, "Disordered-Perovskite-Materials-are-More-Efficient-than-Crystalline-Silicon", "High Alumina Cement (H.A.C) | A Type Of Special Cement", and "Announcing a New Zero Cement Block Formula Made With Lime" that really should be included into this expanding sample chapter of what is headed to become an e-book.

In a Michele Jones's defense, she also might not have heard that my Ti02 Titanium Dioxide 0.14 to 0.19 nanoparticles for super cement strength, would be worth $1,700 alone per refined concentrated ton for use in safe cosmetics, as a food additive. Or that an Mg0 concrete was developed by Chinese dam engineers leading the way in restraining unsound precompressive stresses to be insignificant. However she did have access to a U. S. Forest Service Geologists that had previously on a "meet and greet" meeting sent me on the "prove market value by scientific papers" path that in abstract or highlighted form is reaching 300 plus pages when added to the original USGS, and State of Oregon Geology and Mineral Industries, and private consulting reports which lists such elements.

Sadly a High Strength Lightweight Structural [SDC] Concrete paper included in the FS2008-5 Plan of Action, was simply Ignored. This research pathway was important when discussing MIT Strength/Density figures of High-Performance Cellular Concrete [HPPC] which documented an 8,000 PSI on a 65 to 95 pounds per cubic foot. The concrete compressive strength used in residential construction is typically either 2,500 or 3,000 psi.

Where an "un-economic common variety" high performance 8,000 PSI FoamKrete™, used in DYI affordable home construction advantage really shows up in only stick-built wooden requirements for span bending stress of 1,000 psi for a 1-story house, and 1,500 psi for the beams of a new traditional two-story home. Is that the reason for all the unpleasantness over sharing a USFS road I have been receiving from the timber interests employees on Table Mountain?

I have been willingly helping the USFS quarry a supply of my common variety Nepheline Syenite gravel on a dirt base without the activation for cementing as 3M has been experimenting with in Minnesota. My field experiments, without using Portland cement, is that filling potholes alone may cause a problem down some road where the fix may turn into "speed bumps".

There has been a lot of breaking news since I first posted a response on LinkedIn concerning 60 Minutes telling me something I did not have a clue was happening underseas. According to a public-funded by donations always needed, fact-checking, Wikipedia has tried to follow the 60-Minutes "makes no sense" of the Molycorp Chapter 11 bankruptcy. As of January 2016, its 
shares were traded OTC under the symbol MCPIQ.

This holding apparently was flipped to a Sep 26, 2018 "JHL Capital owns 65 percent of the Mountain Pass venture, which does business under the name MP Materials. New York-based QVT Financial LP has a 25 percent share, while Chinese firm Leshan Shenghe Rare Earth Co. holds the rest. 

And now the Mining News, a very respected daisy chain news source, is reporting "Army probes rare earth facility funding".

And Reuters (an International news organization headquartered at Canary Warf, London) just reported that the: Materion Corp, which has previously received financial support from the U.S. military to produce beryllium, a mineral used as a hardening agent for weapons. The Beryllium production process has similarities to Rare Earths processing. Materion’s Ryczek said “We have a track record of taking a concept on paper, meeting the requirements of the (U.S.) military and taking the project to fruition. There’s no reason why we can’t help the (U.S.) rare earths supply chain be successful as well.”

The sense of this intrigue, aided perhaps by censorship by hacking, and misdirection of e-mail, had a lot to do with interfering with a straightforward, but out of date, business plan presentations as, that brought about an earn-in agreement with RIA Mines, who knew how to arrange made-up numbers in a presentable manner, before their money-raising efforts in London, Saudi Arabia, China. This, and an Applied Research Project all fell apart with the mysterious incarceration for kiddie porn found on Professor Manton's computer, in for repair just before flying to Pakistan to confer with his childhood missionary schoolmate Benazir Bhutto, twice Prime Minister of Pakistan, just before she was assassinated. I was told that if John Kerry had won his peace presidential campaign bid in 2004, Tom was slated to be the next Pakistan Ambassador. Instead, RIA fell all apart, which resulted in yet-another jail-house death, of the Business professor founder. 

The next attempt at selling the total property by an earn-in agreement did bring about a independent geologist’s identification of the Rare Earths involved, fell apart in 2008 when a big Kentucky coal family member had a financial reversal due to the housing bubble bursting. His bouncing a check for half of an option up-front good faith payment invoked a null and void cancelation.

This third time around has been a grassroots production plan, and an effort looking for funding to take the claims reserve ownership into a natural resources financial vehicle designed for a favored oil and gas industry. An MLP, or Master Limited Partnership.

While intended for pipeline construction, so far underground mining reserves, that meets certain conditions have the possibility of ending up being traded upon national stock exchanges without going through the blackmail expense of an IPO. 

They are also very handy to flow through to start-up single Limited Partnerships, as ECO-Mining-Milling, which in my experience have been the only “corporate” proposals to prevent hostile, “pennies on the dollar” takeover. 

And while intended for pipeline construction, so far underground mining reserves, even that meets certain conditions have the possibility of ending up being traded upon national stock exchanges. They are also very handy to flow through to start-up single Limited Partnerships, as ECO-Mining-Milling, which in my experience have been the only “corporate” proposals to prevent hostile, “pennies on the dollar” takeover that would have actually given me an ROI. 

As with a partnership, MLPs issues units instead of shares. Said units could be a certificate of ownership based upon one uniform assay ton of in-place ore. As 300 Million Tons of leased coal underground in the 400-mile Illinois Basin, that also covers deposits in Indiana and Kentucky

This means the proven ore and royalty interests of a mineable block of a 250 million ton asset of a rare rock Nepheline Syenite ore deposited in the “underground bank” of Table Mountain, Lincoln County, Oregon, should have an understanding that it may be marketed as an ECO-Mined-Coin, adding reserves valued into the billions.

Call this paper cash that actually has a mineral mined value backing the value.

The bottom line of a "Due Diligence" chapter is competing for funding by using a lot of words against hard-hitting 240 character tweet, SEO-marketing headlines, elevator pitches, or boiler room stock salesmen spoofing — just do not work as well anymore in a time when, “I’m so smart; just trust me”, has become a funny cliché

MLPs have flow-through capability to ordinary Limited Partnerships, as they are a unique hybrid legal structure that combines the tax advantages of a partnership with elements of a corporation

The last irony of holding the Nepheline Syenite claims for sale, is that the 60% Silicon Dioxide physical aggregate, sellable alone when further refined to 99% pure food-grade Si02, is priced at $1,500-1,700 per ton, would also be considered part of the financial “aggregate of its partners rather than a separate legal entity—as is the case with a corporation

A second twist is that a an MLP technically has no employees. The general partners would be responsible for providing all the necessary operational services of a through of tonnage units they have sold, which is not the same as a retail franchise! 

General partners generally hold a 2% stake in the venture and have the option to increase their ownership. This also is interesting in that the claim holder at the moment is asking for a retained 2% royalty of what comes out the back end of the ECO-Foam-Krete /ECO-Mining-Milling machine bagging retail

This financial continuing 2% on $20 tonnage (for now) that could be transferred in trust to the MLP for resale, or continuing on as a energy-saving edge of off-grid, self-contained, villages.
How to make an of this happen to resale and beyond —while protected by a bullion reserve — starts with my selling miner’s ton certificates for $20 each to individuals, who buy into the promises of this “dream material” by sending a personal check to Barry Murray, himself, at POB 678 Waldport, Oregon. 

This signed certificate will be hard to duplicate because of its polished Nepheline Syenite background, further identified with a serial number that would mark a position in line to follow through to the paid-for processing costs determined by an ECO-Mining-Minerals contract based upon “all costs plus 10% profit” delivery. 

Being that the same chemistry, ground down to face powder size for interlocking concrete, sells for $250 per ton on China’s Alibaba, there should be a healthy ROI return by allowing to handle your wholesale marketing of

More ambitious investors are invited to help start-up to become the MLP. I could help make this work by, at 80-years old and not wanting to retire, without heading out into the field again with MLP funding to stake some additional claims having to do with the ECO holy-grail of totally doing away with Portland Cement production, which is contributing 6% yearly to Greenhouse gases

A workable way to bring in real money to jump-start processing the hard asset part of the business, with a 2% retained royalty to me, is for a group of certificate holders to earn-into the yet to be formed ECO-Minerals-Stockpile MLP— which would need me kept on as an exploration director— to start buying my claims out. 

Become the ones who sell the ore-in-place to unit-holders by the MLP entering into a standard mining lease, with a 2% retained royalty to me is a $?------ up-front, and a minimum annual royalty payment equal to same $?------. 

Which would be in effect for ?-- years, before the physical transfer (slowing enabling of flipping if management at that time was stupid enough to suggest a pump-and-dump golden parachute) including the associated websites, would be a requirement of the proof of filing the annual BLM rental fee, USFS road use license fees, and the State of Oregon Assessment Affidavit — by registered letter one month, before their respective drop-dead deadlines.

All this is to protect all involved dealing with the nepheline syenite from ore in one-ton units, and for whoever is managing a filing a protection from a pump and dump ploy, or “leveraged stock flips, stiffing the Andrew de Moray / Murray Family Trust, which already owns the URLs of individual mining magazines, as this; and all 50 of the states with a uniform www. ‘yourstate’, that are distributed as, which is itself part of Advertising and Publishing.

Don’t have a million to start-up the MLP? And If you find your interest in buying $20 per in-place ton, and holding the certificates until they have been cashed out in foamkrete™, by the physical bag, or ECO-Mined-Dollars, once mining and milling costs have been paid, a little to no risk boring? Well then, partner, if you and a few friends can scrounge up a $500,000 grubstake for expenses, let’s have some fun by forming into a 51/49% LLC to stake, or negotiate a miner’s lease, on ground that would go very well in the Nepheline Syenite chemical mix MLP. which I have known about for a least 40 years (I am a sill a fit 80) without understanding the importance of until fact-checking research supporting this website! And if we track something down that doesn't anything to do with the Holy Grail of Zero of eliminating Portland Cement, or the master LP, you would be welcome to use to spin-off 90% as new ventures.

The companies expense budget of examination of the Mini inside the Macro would go for an all-wheel-drive Class B bunkhouse/cook shack / portable assay office, claim survey and marking drone, rental of tools as a surface “thumper” seismograph, or portable rock grinder system; plus expenses as the aforementioned grub, filing fees, and professional 3rd party geological assistance, as the Keyser Söze character as shown in this paid for sidebar from Mining Investment 101.

As I do not do very well chatting on a cellphone, in a G4 lite area, answering the same questions over and over again, try reaching me, as The Prospector Barry Murray at Linked-in In Mail which seems to be the safest way to communicate today.

Or, through a very chatty LA blond finder/broker aptly named Cherie. She, from her builder architectural, and bartering background, has earned a non-cirque protected Foretaste™ position, of my position upon the payment of "show me the money" to possibly being the start-up President/Promoter/Publisher of www.ECO-Housing-America

My personal e-mail I have had to protect from the filthy skanky bottom feeder trash that wirelessly scavenge through the courtesy of a pre-addressed, with a filled-in subject line (which should lead to an old-fashioned received confirmation) that also has become unsafe for apparently putting everyone at risk for becoming a sucker on someone's blacklist, may be found by clicking on Charlie Horse's rear end. Be careful of his kick by murmuring who you are, and what, why, where, when.

I also, as mentioned, have a postal inspector fraud protected Post Office Box 678, Waldport, Oregon 97394. I also...whisper...whisper... can be reached at 541-992-6317 answering machine, or if necessary the robo-caller favorite 503-753-5868 that is currently blocked to overseas numbers.

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